Putting a stamp on it



For years I have wanted to have a personalized address stamp.  I didn’t want to spend the money, so I just printed out labels.  It worked fine, but I still wanted a stamp…

I broke down and bought one so I would have it for our holiday cards this year.  I ordered it from sweetpapery.com.  The stamp was a little pricey, but not anymore than other personalized self-inking stamps, and hey, it’s personalized, so I understand there is some expense associated with that.  I am so happy I got the stamp, I LOVE it!

I wanted something a little unique, so I chose the self-inking “Farmer” style:


Here are some of my other favorites from their website:


“Chandler” – because I love everything zig zag





The site says to allow 15 business days for processing and production of your stamp (not including shipping time).  I’m sure things get slower around the holidays, but I think I had my stamp in my mailbox within a week!

Check them out, they have lots of other great stamps.


Trouble, with a capital “M”



I was at Target the other day getting Christmas decorating ideas and right next to that area was the seasonal candy isle.  Right on the end were the M&Ms and apparently there is a new variety this year…cinnamon!  I just had to grab a bag (or two) and since I was already breaking my unwritten rule of buying large bags of candy for myself, I snatched up a bag of mint M&Ms too (I already knew they were delicious)!  

So, backing up to last week…  After struggling for a couple of weeks with a sinus infection, I decided to completely eliminate refined sugar from my diet.  My hubby said cutting out sugar would help reduce inflammation, which would help with my head congestion.  Desperate to make some kind of change that would get rid of the congestion, I went cold turkey and stopped using/eating refined sugar.  I have to admit, I did feel better.

BUT, a weekend with a bag of new cinnamon M&Ms was a different story…  I tried them right after I bought them Sat. afternoon.  I was feeling tired and thought to myself, “Well, maybe the chocolate would give me a little pick-me-up!”  Oh, those extra big cinnamon and chocolate pieces were SO good!  Needless to say, I did not stay off sugar Sat. or Sun.  Then I thought, maybe it’s better to just eat the rest of the bag and be done with it!  I didn’t go that far, but I am back to no sugar today.  Maybe they could just be a weekend treat…

I will put out the rest for Thanksgiving and hope my sister-in-law and her family will do me a big favor and finish them up.  They do look very festive in the little yellow pottery bowl on my buffet!

If you like cinnamon and chocolate, they are a great combination (as are the mint variety).

A Little DIY Decor


So, if you have read about me in my sidebar, you know that I have a habit of seeing something I like and saying, “I can make that!”  Well, I usually can figure out how to make most anything I attempt, but it seems to always take a little longer (and probably cost a bit more) than I think it will when I get my first brilliant spark of inspiration.

So, I saw a photo of a pine cone wreath and figured it would be easy to make.  Well, it was, but it took awhile to collect the essential item…pinecones!  At our old house in MN, we had pinecones everywhere!  I would rake them out of the driveway and compost them because we had SO many.  When I first started the pine cone wreath project, I purchased pinecones from Joanne Fabrics, but was annoyed that I was actually paying money for something I used to dispose of.  So, I had my kids on a hunt.  We collected pinecones from parking lots, the elementary school and anywhere we could find them.  I was mad when I went hiking and didn’t have a bag to collect all the pinecones I saw.  I loved when my kiddo came home with pinecones in his pockets and backpack and excitedly told me he found pinecones for me!

I finally finished the wreath this weekend, and I am very happy with it.  The best part is that it’s something you can have up throughout the Fall season.

I also found these cute spooky glitter birds from the Halloween store, so I added one to the wreath.

And since it’s Halloween today, here’s our front walk all ready for Trick-or-Treaters.  I hot glued a couple more of the birds onto craft sticks and stuck them in the planters.


I think I am somewhat obsessed with stripes right now!  I seem to be drawn to every top with stripes.  I have seen them everywhere.  Here are some of my favorites…  I love the layering with a jacket or sweater and the combination with a pop of color!

Shirred Shoulder Cardigan


Raw Edge Ruffle 3/4 Sleeve Jacket


Cashmere Ruffled Cardigan

Garnet Hill

Double-Breasted Wool Cape

Garnet Hill

Old Navy

P.S. You may see me in a couple of these ensembles soon.  It seems I have a habit of refreshing my Fall wardrobe this time of year, whether it needs refreshing or not…”Hello, my name is Keighly and I may have a slight clothing addiction!”

For the Love of Fall!

Welcome to my blog!

I just had to start my new blog with a post about Fall since the leaves have peaked and I know we will be moving on to Winter before I am ready. (I don’t know if I am ever ready for Winter!)

Since moving back to Colorado, I feel I have truly appreciated Fall this year. We made our annual trip on the Peak-to-Peak Highway to view the Aspen trees in their golden glory. Now I am enjoying the first Fall in our new house and all the beauty it has to offer. We have a maple tree in the front yard and its leaves have almost all turned now to a beautiful rusty-red. I have also loved sipping my Pumpkin coffee (a seasonal must-have for me) and watching the trees and grass around the lake turn to gold & yellow. I hope you are all enjoying and appreciating the beauty of Fall!