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This summer went by fast and I didn’t do any blogging!  We enjoyed our first full summer back in Colorado and spent our hot summer by the pool, on the trails and with friends.

Now that school started for my kiddos, I have time to sit down and do some projects and blog about them.  I have had lots of fun with Mod Podge this week and have created two fun & unique decor items.

The first is a project that has been on the “to do” list for quite some time.  I found this great old school chair at a garage sale in MN a couple of years ago, which I picked up for $5 or less.

I bought two of the chairs and had one in each of the kids’s rooms.  I painted my daughter’s, but hadn’t come up with the right idea for my son’s.  I had pinned a couple of paint scheme ideas on Pinterest, but then came across my inspiration photo on the same site.  Here it is…

It is from Anthropologie and for a mere $380, you can have the one from the store!!!  While I absolutely love Anthro, that is beyond my budget for a chair, especially a child sized one.  Plus, it’s not personalized with the map locations you might want to have for your own piece.

I decided I wanted to use a Colorado map for my chair and armed with that, a few foam brushes and a large bottle of Mod Podge, here is the finished project!

I also made another monogram (big surprise if you have read my previous monogram posts) for a baby gift.  I found some vintage children’s books at a used book store and ripped out pages to use for the letter.

I haven’t done much decoupage in the past, but am loving the look and the simplicity of it.  A few tips to pass along if you are going to try it:

1.  Lay the ripped pages out and think about how you are going to layer them so the focus points you want are on top.

2.  Make sure you glue down each piece

3.  Follow the instructions on the bottle and let the glued down pieces dry for at least 2 hours before you spread the Mod Podge over the top

Do you have any fun decoupage projects you want to share?