My son took an indoor rock climbing class last winter, so we decided to have a rock climbing birthday party.  I started this post and never got around to publishing it, so here it is!

Our local rec. center offers the rock wall climbing party as an option and all you have to do is hire a belay assistant for the kiddos.  My hubby also used to rock climb, way back when…before kids…so he got certified to belay for the kids too.  This came in very handy so we could have a couple of kids climbing at once vs. having 1 climber and 8 perfectly calm squirrly 1st grade boys running around the gym!  (In all honesty, all the boys were very well behaved and waited patiently for their turn.)

I found a cute invite on Etsy and then googled “Rock wall birthday party” to find really cute favor ideas, etc.  The invites worked great because they could be customized and the vendor sent me a pdf file which I could then email or print.  I used the graphics from the invite to make name tags for the goodie bags.

We found chocolate candy rocks and had those as a favor and cake decoration.  I ordered a rock climbing sticker from Zazzle.com and put those on the cellophane gift bags.  We tied the bags with a natural colored kitchen string and attached a flashlight caribeaner, which I ordered from Ebay.  Another fun favor idea would be water be water bottles.  You could personalize them and fill them with a Cliff Bar or trail mix for a sports drink package.

For the cake, my boy wanted a rock wall cake with a climber.  We saw a photo on flickr, but my talented chef of a husband was out of town the week of the party.  And, I didn’t want to spend a fortune on the cake, so we had to come up with Plan B.  Luckily my boy is creative and a couple of years ago came up with the idea of a doughnut cake.  His thought was to stack up a bunch of doughnuts and have a candle on top…brilliant!  We did the same this year, but added the candy rocks.  We were happy with the way it turned out, and the kids loved the doughnuts.  Easy and inexpensive!

The boys climbed for an hour and a half straight and were all about “setting records” with each of their climbs!  They were lots of fun and I’m guessing a few will be returning to the wall soon to practice.