Recently, we flip-flopped our living room and dining rooms.  I am really happy with the new layout and we are already getting much more use out of each room.  By putting our dining room in our larger room with the vaulted ceiling, we have much more room around the table (things were a bit tight over the holidays with everyone at the table).  The living room is now in the smaller room, which makes it feel like a den, plus it has a great view of the lake and mountains, so it is a  nice room to sit in and relax.

I have been planning out the decor in the living room and trying very hard to work around existing things, namely the rug and couch.  Here is the rug we currently have:

I really was thinking that I wanted a new rug, but then I came across this living room photo and it was just the inspiration I needed (notice the similar rug…).

I looked and looked for similar Ikat curtains, and a super fabulous friend of mine found the fabric for me.  But, I just didn’t want to take on a sewing project (mostly because I have at least 3 sewing projects that have been on my list for several months that are still sitting un-finished).  So, I decided to try something bold and ordered these curtains from Anthropologie.  The living room window is visible right when you walk in our front door, so why not have something that pops, right?  Plus, the rest of the house is pretty neutral, so all the more reason to have a splash of color.

I was very excited this morning when I opened an email from Crate & Barrel with the headline “The Color Report: Indigo”.  Apparently, Indigo is “in”, so yay for me for being so on trend!

I have also seen a lot of brass curtain rods in photos, so this one from Restoration Hardware is on it’s way:

Restoration Hardware

I originally also wanted two chairs in the room, but the couch we have is a nice size, so I may re-cover it in a neutral fabric and see if I could have the back tufted like this:

Wickham Tufted Settee

Slowly but surely, the room is coming together.  I will post pictures once it is done (which can sometimes take a while around here…)  Stay tuned…