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When I get a Pottery Barn or similar catalog, I always look through the whole thing, not for things to buy from it, but for design ideas.  I recently paged through the Spring Pottery Barn catalog and loved the large balloon shaped vase with spring flowers in it.  Although we have had a fun winter with plenty of snow for skiing, I am feeling ready for spring.

Pottery Barn Oversized Wine Bottle

But, there was no way I was going to spend $99+ for the bottle and $47 for the faux flowers (on sale)!  So, I was off to Home Goods…  I was a little nervous that since I was going there looking for something very specific, there was no chance I would find it!  I searched around all the vases I could find and was not having any luck.  I went through the dish/tabletop section and looked high and low for something that would work.  Finally, on the top shelf, I saw it!

Here’s what I found!

It’s not exactly the same, but a similar enough shape.  I don’t love the wrap around the top (and may try to remove it), but for $12.99 it is PERFECT!  I found the apple blossom branch at Target for $12.99 too.  I also found the place mats there on sale for $1.48!  I had thought I wanted a little more muted blue, but I am actually happy with the bright Spring colors!  Overall, I love how it all came together!

Happy (almost) Spring!