I don’t know where I get my desire to be creative & unique about things, especially holidays.  Sometimes I laugh at how much time and money I spend on something simple like Valentine’s Day Cards for my kiddos when I could just go to Target and quickly and easily pick up a box of cards.

But, such is life…  I get enjoyment out of finding something different and being creative is a very relaxing process for me.  So, here’s what my kids have for Valentine’s Day cards this year:

I found these at armommy.com.  For the cards, I was able to cheaply purchase the DIY download, which was easy & quick.  Where I spent the money was in the printing.  But, I am happy with them, so it was worth it, right?!  Of course, I also had to buy the adorable black & white string!  I also bought the treat bags with this sticker because it reminded me of a good friend of ours.  (When our kids were together over Christmas break they had great fun talking about two children’s books, Moostache & Mooseltoe which are apparently about a Moose with a large mustache.  I haven’t read them.)

I hope you have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day whether yours is all about your kiddos, having a romantic day for you and your spouse, or both!