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I can’t believe how long it has been since I have posted on this blog!  I had a lot of fun decorating our house for the holidays for the first time and had great intentions  of sharing photos and ideas.  But, it just didn’t happen!

I have posted a bit on my other blog, mypursuitofpeak, so check that out if you have time.  I guess I have just been little more focused on getting back into a workout routine, which is probably a good thing after all those holiday sweets and delicious meals.

Now I am starting to think about house projects again…  I would really like to finish my boy’s room, especially since the only thing that needs to be done is to hang a ceiling light (that I purchased back in July)!  I hadn’t had it hung yet because it requires an electrician.  There is no current ceiling light, so we will have to have it installed.  I have heard that it only costs a couple hundred dollars, but I wanted to get our whole list together for an electrician before I have one come do the work.  I can’t wait to get his light up because I love it.  It is a barn light from Menard’s.  I think it’s fun to find something in a different section of a store or a different store other than the section/store specific to the room you are decorating.  For example, using an outdoor light in a bedroom or finding something at a teen specific store for  a child’s room.

On the list is also a ceiling light for my girl’s room.  This one took me a while longer to figure out.  I just couldn’t find the right light for her room.  The style in her room

PB Teen

is vintage, and I was originally thinking to do a chandelier in there.  But, I also like mixing styles, so I ended up finding a pendant at PB Teen.  As I mentioned before, I like looking places other than age/style specific departments/stores because you just might come across the right thing.  My daughter is 4, but I have found some very cute options for her at PB Teen.  The flower pop pendant came the other day, so it’s time to find an electrician!

I will post pictures of their rooms once they are finished…