So, if you have read about me in my sidebar, you know that I have a habit of seeing something I like and saying, “I can make that!”  Well, I usually can figure out how to make most anything I attempt, but it seems to always take a little longer (and probably cost a bit more) than I think it will when I get my first brilliant spark of inspiration.

So, I saw a photo of a pine cone wreath and figured it would be easy to make.  Well, it was, but it took awhile to collect the essential item…pinecones!  At our old house in MN, we had pinecones everywhere!  I would rake them out of the driveway and compost them because we had SO many.  When I first started the pine cone wreath project, I purchased pinecones from Joanne Fabrics, but was annoyed that I was actually paying money for something I used to dispose of.  So, I had my kids on a hunt.  We collected pinecones from parking lots, the elementary school and anywhere we could find them.  I was mad when I went hiking and didn’t have a bag to collect all the pinecones I saw.  I loved when my kiddo came home with pinecones in his pockets and backpack and excitedly told me he found pinecones for me!

I finally finished the wreath this weekend, and I am very happy with it.  The best part is that it’s something you can have up throughout the Fall season.

I also found these cute spooky glitter birds from the Halloween store, so I added one to the wreath.

And since it’s Halloween today, here’s our front walk all ready for Trick-or-Treaters.  I hot glued a couple more of the birds onto craft sticks and stuck them in the planters.